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This is How it Works

  • Place over the ball mark or brown spot.
  • Step-on the blue-cap to drive 16 pins into the turf.
  • Lift to see results: flat and aerated ball mark or brown spot to allow air, water and nutrients to regenerate the turf faster.

With the jabAERATOR, Everyone Wins:

Golf Course Superintendents, Pros and Golfers

  • There’s no easier way to keep golf greens in top shape.
  • Maintenance staff can use the jabAERATOR.
  • Rangers can use the JabAERATOR.
  • Golfers can use the jabAERATOR while playing; kept at green’s edge, golf bag or golf-cart, its lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy for most golfers to use.
  • The jabAERATOR is durable offering reliable, long-term performance.

Built to Use. Built to Last.

  • Compact — The jabAERATOR is 29 inches long with 16 Stainless-Steel pins, 4-inch Stainless-Steel base and anodized Aluminum cap and handle.
  • Lightweight — The jabAERATOR weighs just 3.7 lbs.
  • Brand-It — The jabAERATOR has 4.7-inch diameter area for Name and Logo engraving