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Better Greens

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"Easy to Use"

  • Place over the ball mark or brown spot.
  • Step-on the blue-cap to drive 16 pins into the turf.
  • Lift to see results: flat and aerated ball mark or brown spot to allow air, water and nutrients to regenerate the turf faster.

We started using the jabAERATOR every other day beginning in September of 2016, and we love the results.  Our high season starts October 1st and lasts through May 15th. During this period, we average 150+ players a day. Using the jabAERATOR has allowed us to repair ball marks and aerate brown spots quickly and easily, making our greens strong, healthy and looking great through our busy months.

We are proud to recommend the jabAERATOR. If you want better greens, you need the perfect tool.

Get a jabAERATOR!

PGA Professionals

The Old Course at Broken Sound

I have worked at more than one golf course. In my 60 years as a member of the PGA, I haven’t seen any changes in the tools that repair   ball marks until now.

Mr. Paz invented a tool that should impress golf pros and greenskeepers alike at municipal and private clubs.

This tool is easy to use, just step-on it remove the foot and it is done

Frank R. Picone

Life Member Century, PGA